• The BACB Experience Standards provides expectations for all aspects of supervision, including contract development.
  • According to the BACB Experience Standards the purpose of the supervision contract is to protect all parties involved and to align supervision activities with the Nature of Supervision.
  • It also states that the supervisor and supervisee must execute a written contract prior to the onset of the experience and that both the supervisor and supervisee are responsible for retaining a copy of the contractual agreement and providing it to the BACB if requested.
  • Finally, the BACB provides an outline of the required contract components.


  1.  State the responsibilities of the supervisor and supervisee
  2. Include a description of the appropriate activities and instructional objectives
  3. Include the objective and measurable circumstances under which the supervisor will sign the supervisee’s Experience Verification Form when the experience had ended
  4. Delineate the consequences should the parties not adhere to their responsibilities (including proper termination of the relationship)
  5. Include a statement requiring the supervisee to obtain written permission from the supervisee’s on-site employer or manager when applicable
  6. Include an attestation that both parties will adhere to the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.
These documents are shared by the BACB in Word format only BACB Sample Supervision Contract – University Practicum
BACB Sample Supervision Contract – Independent Supervision
BACB Sample Supervision Contract – Within-Agency Supervision


  • Complete all the topics in the lesson
  • Download one of the sample contracts above
  • Fill out your information in the contract
  •  Modify the contract to meet your needs
  • Email the assignment to 
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