Data Collection

  • Not every situation will be ideal for every performance indicator. 
  • One consideration is to develop a dynamic form that can adapt to the needs of the supervisee and the circumstances of the setting. 
  • For example, a checklist may include empty spaces at the bottom to include specific items discussed with the supervisee at the last supervision feedback session. 
  • If interval recording is something you want to include but plan to collect different behaviors in various situations, you could create the interval recording data collection area with a space to fill-in the target behavior and definition.  The same could be true of the ratio recording.  To provide more structure, a short list of possible target behaviors and definitions may be listed on the form and the supervisor can circle which target behavior will be recorded, with the option to switch to a different behavior each time the observation feedback form is used.
Finally, customize each observation to the situation and supervisee with an open comments section.  Supervisors may find this useful for recording notes that are meaningful to a particular observation, such as comments regarding growth or areas for continued focus.

Below are two examples of observation feedback forms, but there is no required format.  If you like these examples, make them your own with additions and modifications.

Observation Form Example 1  (Google doc version)
Observation Form Example 2  (Google doc version)

Discussion Board

Can you think of a way that you collect data during your ABA practice that you can modify for your supervision practice?

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