Important Features of Supervision

The supervisor should be able to describe or demonstrate the following components of effective, evidence-based supervision:

  1. Establishment of performance expectations of both supervisor and supervisee
  2. Description of how supervision will proceed according to the BACB Experience Standards (e.g., frequency of individual supervision, group supervision)
  3. Description of potentially appropriate activities as described in the BACB Experience Standards
  4. Description of competency tests of understanding
  5. Development and review of contractual agreement of the nature of supervision and performance expectations
  6. Assessment of initial skills of supervisee – Interview – Observation
  7. Behavioral skills training of supervisee
  8. Scheduled observations that may include in-vivo, video, web-based, computer-assisted observations (Before, during, and after training)
  9. Review of written materials developed by the supervisee, including written plans, data sheets, and reports
  10. Ongoing scheduled supervision meetings (Individual – Group – Web-based, computer assisted)
  11. Performance evaluations (formal & informal) of the supervisee (Meetings – Written evaluations)
  12. Evaluation of the supervision process and the supervisor by the supervisee (Meetings – Written evaluations)
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