New Criteria for BACB Supervisors (Updated March 2018)

New Experience Standards (Must use in Jan 2019, can begin to use April 2018)

  • Elimination of the Experience and Supervision Standards Training Module
  • Monthly Supervisory Periods
  • New Documentation Requirements
  • New Audit System

 Supervisor Qualifications.  Supervisors must be one of the following

  • A BCBA/BCBA-D ingood standing. Supervisors who hold BCBA/BCBA-D certification must also meet an ongoing supervision CEU requirement;
  • A licensed or registered psychologist certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology who was tested in Applied Behavior Analysis; or
  • An authorized Verified Course Sequence (VCS) Instructor who is providing supervision in a Practicum or Intensive Practicum (Verified Experience Instructor). 

Supervisor Training. 

Supervisors must complete an 8-hour supervision training before providing any supervision to those accruing experience hours. Any experience obtained after March 31, 2015 will not be accepted unless the supervisor completed the training prior to providing supervision. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring they have completed the training prior to providing supervision, although trainees should confirm the date that the supervisor completed the training prior to signing a supervision contract.

Supervisor/Trainee Relationship. The supervisor may not be related to, subordinate to, or employed by the trainee during the experience period. Employment does not include compensation paid to the supervisor by the trainee for supervision services. See sections 1.0 and 5.0 of the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.   

To Complete This Training:

  • Read all the Materials
  • Complete the Discussion boards
  • Complete the assignments
  • Score 80% on the Post-test

NOTE!  Sometimes discussion boards do not show up on your browser.  The prompt will show up but there will be no place to put your response.  You can do 2 things to fix this.  First you can switch to chrome. Or you can email discussion boards to

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