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  1. Belize is in a position of need with respects to Autism support.  Christy Almeida has been a pillar in the autism community for Belize.  She has brought incredible awareness and resources to the country.  The “Light it up blue” campaign for Belize was just one example she discussed as a tool to create awareness through the color of blue linked to autism.  People talked about it and it was covered through various media forums.  She is working to create  a community of support through parent and teacher training sessions making it accessible through zoom and other platforms. She and her team have also been lobbying government for policies for autism and other mental illnesses and disabilities. Make trainings available and accessible for teachers as well as parents. 

  2. Italy is one country of interest. After reading through the UN report from the Convention on the Rights of Persons wit Disabilities, it is apparent this particular country is behind the United States with respects to acknowledging the rights of persons with disabilities.  As of 2013 the country of Italy has adopted the National Disability Action Plan as well as implemented a more inclusive education system.  The committee discusses various concerns  including  restricting those with disabilities to vote, the opportunities to represent themselves in the justice system, lack of employment and services, and other related issues.  There were several recommendations offered by the committee to the state.  The state was asked by the committee to implement recommendations and then provide follow-up reports by the year 2023.   

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