Assent is verbal or non verbal social cue that indicate a clients willingness to participate when they are to young or cognitive impairments prevent consent. If the BCBA answers to a research review committee or service organization they are responsible for setting the parameters for assessing assent. 

I do not think the parameters for assessing assent are defined enough. I work for an organization that hasn’t discussed it at all and when I bring it up they don’t answer. I would like to give the RBT’s a more formal way of assessing assent or some guidance as to when we can’t gain assent. Like if a clear receptive deficit has been noted through testing then a note should be added to the treatment plan and client should be retested and reassessed for ability to assent each planning period. We work with children of all ages and all levels of receptive skill so this can be a challenge for an RBT to determine. 

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