The PDC-HS would be a useful tool in a center-based ABA setting where there are many behavior technicians all working in the same space as well as home-based ABA where there is only one behavior technician present- this is the case for my workplace. The PDC-HS utilizes the steps of BST and incorporates verbal and graphed (visual) feedback which studies have shown is best for improving staff performance. There are many areas within in ABA that a behavior technician must be proficient and fluent in in order to produce positive outcomes for clients, error correction is just one of them. Examples of other areas where this would be helpful include implementing NET, implementing prompting procedures, implementing BIPs, implementing chaining procedures, implementing shaping, and implementing mand training. This would be an appropriate and useful tool during direct observation with clients as well as for use as discussion during staff 1:1 meetings with supervisors and can be a great way to measure staff performance. Additionally, staff confidence would increase with the new competencies they would gain.