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Article: Classroom-Based Physical Activity Breaks and Children’s Attention: Cognitive Engagement Works! 

Authors: Mirko Schmidt, Valentin Benzing, Mario Kamer

Participants: 98 fifth grade students at an elementary school in Switzerland

Intervention: there were 4 different experimental conditions: 

  • Combo Group: for 5 minutes, the students had to touch numbers 1-18 around the classroom in ascending order. 
  • Cognition Group:for 5 minutes, students worked on a trail making paper and pencil test that required them to draw lines connecting number 1-91 in ascending order. 
  • Physical Group: for 10 minutes, students pretended to be cars and ran around the room. 
  • Control Group: students remained at their desks and listened to a 10 minute age appropriate story. 

Experimental Design: between subjects design

Results: The results showed that the student who engaged in the cognitive enhancement breaks scored better on tests of attentiveness that other groups. 

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