1. Reading Comprehension Task Analysis
  • The student will learn how to use 3 decoding strategies (segmenting, blending, identifying common spelling patterns).
  • The student will learn grade level vocabulary (according to dolch list).
  • The student will increase word knowledge by 100 new words.
  • The student will demonstrate knowledge of 3 active comprehension strategies (prediction, question asking, and summarizing).
  • The student will demonstrate monitoring while reading (be able to verbalize whether decoded words and the text make sense).  


2.  The student could have daily practice with flashcards (including once daily practice with the teacher’s aide in school, and one time of practicing at home).  If the student is really having difficulty demonstrating their knowledge during class, the teacher could use the strategy of errorless learning (prepping the student before calling on them).  This would allow the student to feel some success.

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