Self monitoring to promote on-task behavior by two high
functioning boys with autism spectrum disorders and
symptoms of ADHD

Participants: 2 boys with high functioning ASD & ADHD, 7.5 and 8.5 years old

Intervention:  Required to self monitor their own behaviors. Received a token for each correct response and lost a token for incorrect responses. Received primary reinforcement at the end of every day session, depending on the number of tokens earned. 90 sessions of intervention phase for each participant, lasted two months.

Design: A non concurrent multiple baseline design across participants, followed by a maintenance phase after one month from the end of intervention phase

Results show an increase of on-task behavior and indices of happiness during the intervention phase. Moreover,  stereotyped behaviors decreased during intervention phase for both boys. Participants maintained their performance during the maintenance
phase, which occurred a month after the end of the intervention.

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