Walking meditation

  1. Identify self as anxious with at least one physical or mental experience (e.g. racing thoughts, thumping heartbeat, sweating, clammy hands, shaky hands etc.)
  2. Ask caregiver to take 15 minutes for walking meditation.
  3. Find location that is quiet and safe (e.g. adjoining classroom, hallway, community rooms etc.)
  4. Set a timer for five minutes (with an alarm tone that is pleasant (not jarring)
  5. Begin timer
  6. Begin walking in a pattern (up/down hall; in a large circle, in a figure eight etc.)
  7. Continually ask yourself internally about your state of being (calm, a little anxious, very anxious). These categories can be directly  reflective of the symptom identified in step one.
  8. When timer sounds, circle the state you are currently at when the timer sounds (momentary time sampling. Not whole or partial interval recording)
  9. Restart timer for five minutes
  10. Repeat steps 6-8
  11. Repeat for third walk
  12. Return to caregiver/original setting
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