Best Practices In Supervision (3 CEUs) $30.00


This course meets the continuing education requirement of the BACB for supervisors, after a supervisor has taken the 8 hour supervision course. This course will go beyond the basic 8 Hour Supervision course and cover topics with more depth. Topics covered are initiating supervision, conducting supervision, documentation, diversity issues, building a relationship and more. This course will help you further develop your supervision practice and hone you skills to be an effective supervisor. After completion of this course you will be awarded 3 CEUs in the area of supervision.

Learning Objectives
1. Learn best practice for initiating supervision
2. Learn best practice for goal setting during supervision
3. Learn how to build a relationship during supervision.
4. Learn how to incorporate diversity into your supervision.
5. Learn best practice in giving feedback during supervision.
6. Learn best practices for documentation during supervision.
7. Learn best practices for supervision evaluation.


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