Embedding Science in Practice and Exploring New Treatment Models: RFT and ACT (Presented by Dr. Jordan Belisle) 3 Learning CEUs

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Learn how Dr. Jordan Belisle is creating new techniques so that practitioners have easy ways to incorporate ACT and RFT into their practice. After completion of this course you will be awarded 3 Learning CEUs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Science is always right (and, always wrong).  So too is the scientist-practitioner
  2. Collaboration with Pandragon Academy and Tower School-PEAK and ACT with children with disabilities
  3. TECH-SPO (developing RFT programming on an IPAD)
  4. Collaboration with Apex Rgional Program- Making programming socially valid for the client.


Dr. Jordan Belisle is an Assistant Professor at Missouri State University and was part of the development team for the PEAK Relational Training System. Belisle has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters focusing on language developmental processes with an emphasis on Relational Frame Theory. Dr. Belisle’s research efforts have generated considerable funding for ABA students, supporting multiple graduate assistants and developing a new research clinic on Missouri State campus. His work has focused on psychometric analyses of ABA assessments, convergence with common assessments of adaptive functioning, and best practice strategies to promote flexible language skills in children. Belisle has also published several articles discussing the current state of applied behavior science and how technological developments and robust, impactful research lines are necessary to progress our field and our effectiveness in a variety of clinical contexts. More recently, Dr. Belisle has begun large-scale collaborations with practitioners throughout the United States to infuse science in practice through the Project ALPHA initiative.


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