Teaching Non-behavioral Techniques with ABA: Using Mindfulness as an Example (3 CEUs) $30.00

$33.00 $30.00

As practitioners we are often asked to implement interventions, which are non-behavioral or worst- not supported by research.  In most cases you can advise consumers to utilize research based ABA interventions occasionally you may need to use a non-behavioral technique.  Thankfully we can utilize baseline logic and operational definitions to create a successful intervention. This course will go over the best procedure for doing that using Mindfulness techniques as examples. Using an ABA driven model we can find ways to ensure positive outcomes.  After completion of this course you will be awarded 3 Learning CEUs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn what mindfulness is
  2. Learn about research supporting mindfulness as a treatment.
  3. Learn in what ways mindfulness and ABA are similar.
  4. Learn how to use DTT and NET to teach a non-behavioral intervention.
  5. Learn tips to use when teaching a non-behavioral intervention.
  6. Learn 2 mindfulness activities with data sheets.
  7. Review 10 mindfulness activities to teach using DTT and NET.


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