We provide high-quality and affordable online courses to meet your CEU needs.  We are approved for  BACB CEUs.  Our courses are self-paced and presented in an online format.  Participants respond to discussion boards and polls, and take quizzes.  Our courses are very affordable priced $10.00 or less per CEU.  You can easily earn all your CEUs from home with Behavior Webinars!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are courses like?

Courses are completely online.  You read material and watch videos.  You participate through polls, discussion boards, assignments and quizzes.  To pass you must get 80% on a final test.  You are able to take this final test as many times as you need.

What do I need to complete a course?

A computer and an internet connection.

When will I get my certificate?

Immediately following the completion of the course.  It is generated from your account information, so make sure your account information is correct.

How long do I have to complete a course?

You can complete it whenever you would like.

How do you access a course?

When you  purchase on any of the courses you will be taken to checkout page.  Here you will make an account and pay for the course.  Please remember the password you create.  You can log into our website at anytime from the my account page.  When logged into the website you can click on my account to view and access your courses and certificates.  You can also click on my account to create an account before purchasing a course.

I can’t access my account.  What should I do?

Most likely you forgot your password.  There is a reset password link.  Go to the my account page and follow the directions.  Often the email will go to your spam or unwanted folders, please check these folders.  If you still can’t access email me at behaviorwebinars@gmail.com and I will reset your password for you.  

Do your CEUs count for BACB CEUs?

Yes all our CEUs count for BCBAs, BCaBAs, and BCBA-Ds.  The supervision classes count as supervision CEUs, and the ethics courses counts as ethic CEUs.



What Our Students Say

Dr. Jaime Flowers

PHD School Psychology, BCBA, LEP, ABSNP

Dr. Jaime Flowers lives in Belize with her family.  She has a ED.S in School Psychology, a Ph.D in School Psychology, is a BCBA, and L.E.P.  She works with Belize public school systems to create better learning environments for the students.   She also teaches BCBA courses online at National University and Kaplan University.  After struggling to find interesting online CEUs while living abroad, Jaime created Behavior Webinars.  She hopes to help people in the field of behavior analysis learn useful techniques and gain insight to the field while earning online CEUs. Jaime wants to thank everyone for their support and hopes to continue providing CEUs to the BCBA community.

Please contact us at behaviorwebinars@gmail.com or 949.391.7549

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