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The overall goal will be to exercise on the elliptical for a total of 30 minutes per day.  

The incremental goals will be: 

  1. Use the elliptical for 10 minutes per day.
  2. Use the elliptical for 15 minutes per day.
  3. Use the elliptical for 25 minutes per day

An antecedent intervention will include the use of visual prompts next to the elliptical as well as next to the refrigerator.  A second intervention will be to use a phone alarm to check how many minutes have been dedicated to using the elliptical. 

The rewards will include:

  1. For every minute the elliptical is used, a minute of television watching will be provided.
  2. For every 15 minutes of elliptical use, a pat on the back will be given by a family member.
  3. For every 20 minutes of elliptical use, a hug will be provided by a family member.


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