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Hi There,

My name is Courtney. I’ve been a BCBA for a long time! This is the first year that I’ve done a lot of CEU credits online (with covid, it’s the first cert cycle that I haven’t gone to at least one major conference in person).

Currently, I work as a BCBA in a public school district in Maine. I generally work with children, in standard-type BCBA way as a consultant through their IEPs. However, part of my role is to help with general behavior strategies for the district/a specific school that has more behavior challenges here. So – an RTI approach to behavior. I feel like there’s more we could do with general ed kids in terms of antecedent strategies/mindfulness techniques, etc.

I’ve been in this position for about 3 years but also have experience working in residential settings and mental health day treatment/hospital programs, as well as coordinating/directing EIBI type programs with preschoolers.

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