Based on the areas assessed in the article, one of my strengths within my supervision practice is setting clear expectations and setting clear expectations for receiving feedback. I go through my supervises’ monthly supervision hours with them, have a clear tracking system, and a way for both of us to save the documented hours/notes from our meetings. In addition, during our meetings we talk about the goals for them as well as the students/clients on their case loads, their current programming, and ways to more effectively implement the principles of ABA for those students/clients. I also refer back to the competency based evaluations provided by the BACB so my supervises become familiar with those terms and examples of the implementation of the principles listed. In addition, during supervision or observation periods, I provide praise and corrective feedback. In future sessions, I refer back to our previous discussions of feedback so they know they are making progress/doing a good job. I try to connect all of our supervision sessions in some way so the goals we have set are consistently being worked on.

Based on the areas assessed in the article, one of my weaknesses within my supervision practice is providing feedback on supervisory skills. While I do take notes about my supervision sessions with my supervises so I can ensure I am following up on their personal goals and topics of ABA that we are discussing, I do not currently have a system to track the effectiveness of my own supervision. At my previous job there were surveys handed out so I could receive feedback about my supervision style and effectiveness from staff. I have started a new job where I plan to implement a system of receiving feedback on my supervision style. I work hand and hand with another BCBA whom I meet with. We do discuss supervision and supervision style within my new work environment so I can learn some new styles to incorporate into my own supervision of my supervises. There is always room to grow. In addition, I want to find a way to solicit feedback from my supervises through an anonymous source.