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The following is a self-monitoring procedure for a highschool-aged (14-18) ADHD individual who might have difficulty staying oranized and forgets materials for classes.  A dry-erase checklist in a small notebook for each subject.  class would be created.  For example, before leaving for school, the individual will need to check his bag for the items needed using the checklist for that day.  If it is Math, they would check off Math book, Paper, calculator and ruler.  When the individual comes home, there would be a designated place in their room to replace the material for that class.  This would also be part of the checklist that would need to be checked at the end of the day, under “Materials put back.” The next day, the indivudual checks the checklist from the previous day to be sure all items were checked, then they can erase for a fresh start for the next time they have Math. The procedure would be repeated for other courses or subjects.  For complete follow through, the student can take a picture of the checklist and send it to the teacher.  If the teacher receives all checklists by the end of the week, then reinforcer will be delivered. 

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