Nail biting is a habit I can use reversal on in my own life. 
Step 1: Awareness Training- I can complete a momentary time sampling on nail biting throughout the day so that I am aware of how often I am biting my nails. 

Step 2: Competing Response- After I am aware of the habit of nail biting (when I bite my nails, the feelings I have prior to nail biting, the motivating operations, etc.), I will use a fidgeter instead of biting my nails. Usually nail biting is done as a nervous/stress response, so when I feel this way, I could use a hand fidgeting tool instead of biting my nails. 

Step 3: Relaxation & Generalization-I will use relaxation skills when I begin to feel stressed (deep breathing, using the fidgeter, etc.). I will finally practice generalization by practicing my new skill in a number of different environments and situations. 

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