One thing I learned about Belize and the state of disability services is that resources are scarce. I had previously heard of the limited supports; however, after watching and reflecting on the video, it became, even more, real to me. Hearing of the limited-service providers from speech and language paths and/or zero occupational therapists saddens me. There are countless families that are not receiving the services that are much needed. 

The country of interest to me was Mexico. I am a first-generation Mexican-American therefore, the way my career path could or would be utilized is of great interest to me in my country of origin. I chose to look into the resource topic of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Mexico. I found a publication from April 2015 of a general law in place that protects the rights of an individual on the spectrum. The articles noted to state that these individuals should have “full integration and inclusion into society.” In reading this, I would have assumed this would be stated and dated for a much earlier date. I realize that some of the laws and rights we take for granted on a day-to-day basis are not those that come freely or as easily to others outside of the US. 

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