A habit that I could use habit reversal on in my own life is skin picking. The first step would be to increase my awareness of my skin picking behaviour. I could work on watching myself skin pick in the mirror and work on describing the behaviour, along with my feelings right before and after the skin picking to help get a better understanding of the conditions under which I engage in skin picking, and how it makes me feel in response.

Once I had increased my awareness of my skin picking behaviour, I could then develop a competing response that I would do when an urge to pick my skin comes or I’m in situations where I typically pick my skin. The competing response could be holding my hands together and interlocking my fingers. To encourage my competing response, I could ask for social support in the form or praise for doing my competing response instead, and my skin having fewer sores over time. I would also develop a list of reasons why I would like to discontinue picking my skin (hygenic reasons, having clear skin is more pleasing to the eye)

Once I’ve established my competing response, I would ensure to teach across multiple situations and conditions where picking would typically occur so that I can ensure that the behaviour has been generalized across contexts.

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