Office meetings: 

Strength: this is typically how I conduct supervision. We have a carved out time in the calendar. 

Weakness- it is difficult for them to not find other things to discuss 

Behavioral Skills Training: 

Strength: I am good at allowing people to try 

Weakness- not always good at allowing people to role-play in a classroom typesetting

Direct observation of direct and indirect work

Strength: indirect work is much easier to supervise and provide feedback for. 

Weakness: chain constraints make it difficult to always supervise and provide feedback for direct work

Reviewing written product

Strength I would say overall this is definitely an area of strength of mine I pride myself on making sure that clinical staff are producing and delivering a quality tangible product to consumers.

Weakness: always making time to review that face-to-face with the trainee

Observing Staff Training: 

Strength: it is an expectation that all trainees are able to provide and train staff.

Weakness would be that it is often awkward and embarrassing for the trainee to have somebody oversee them when they’re in the training setting.

Observing Parent Teacher Interactions: 

Strength: this is the majority of what we do so I find it easier to get these observations in

Weakness: Just making the time and then providing feedback.