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  1. While I have some history with Belize due to my church’s involvement in building a school in the country, I was unaware of the state of their disability resources until today. ASD is a newer diagnosis, and I expected the country to have a need for education and resources. However, I wasn’t aware the country’s needs include disability services and awareness for all disabilities, including physical and mental disabilities. As BCBAs we may be able to affect some changes, but the country will need far more support than we can provide. 
  2. The country I chose was Sierra Leone, and they only have one legislative act that establishes a National Commission for Persons with Disability with the goal of prohibiting discrimination, achieving equality, and provide other services. Upon reading part of the act, it seems to be a beginning to legislation, as this act does not itself prohibit discrimination, but creates the commission that will make these rules. As this was created in 2011 and there are no other resources, it may be possible that the rules themselves were never created. 
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